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Hydrosols are the gentlest form of aromatherapy, safe to apply directly to the skin. They are a by product of the distillation process used to extract the essential oils from the plants. The water that remains carries all of the healing properties of the oil from which it was distilled, only in a smaller amount. Hydrosols contain all of the plant in each drop, similar to a hologram. Hydrosols are not distilled water with essential oils added, as many floral waters are.


Basil - Antioxidant, antibacterial, & anti-inflammatory. Great as a digestive aid.  Also helps stress and can help to reduce physical tension.    2 oz. $8.95 -Add to cart-
Carrot Seed - excellent for aging skin. Regenerative for wrinkles & scar tissues. Soothes inflammation, rashes & razor burn. 2 oz. $8.95 -Add to cart-
Clary Sage - helpful for all hormone related conditions, a euphoric and antidepressant. 2 oz. $8.95 -Add to cart-
Cypress - great for detoxification and water retention, in skin care: aids acne, thread veins, and couperose skin. 2 oz. $8.95 -Add to cart-
Eucalyptus - excellent for respiratory conditions, immune system, and stimulates both mind and body.  Cool and refreshing.  Helpful for blemished skin. 2 oz. 8.95 -Add to cart-
Helichrysm - uses include; helping to heal scar tissue, aiding sensitive, congested and mature skin. 2 oz. $8.95 -Add to cart-
Juniper berry  -  aids, gout , edema, rheumatic and arthritic conditions. It is cleansing and detoxifying.  Can be used as a toner for oily and blemished skin. 2 oz. $8.95
Sale $7.95
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Lavender, extra - healing and regenerative. good for all skin types, calming and soothing. Great for babies and children. 2 oz. $8.95 -Add to cart-
Lemon verbena - great for relaxation and stress reduction, can boost self esteem and confidence.  A good body tonic and anti-inflammatory. 2 oz. $8.95 -Add to cart-
Melissa - (lemon balm) anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation. Soothes poison ivy & poison oak. Calms morning sickness and attention deficit disorder. 2 oz. $8.95 -Add to cart-
Myrtle - aids chest coughs and congested sinuses.  Helpful during allergy season.  Useful in treating candidiasis 2 oz. $8.95 -Add to cart-
Neroli - detoxifying and hydrating for all skin types. Supports physical and emotional well being. 2 oz. $8.95 -Add to cart-
Oregano: a great general tonic, good for digestive health, healing as a mouthwash or gargle. 2 oz. $8.95 -Add to cart-
Peppermint - a stimulating "wake-up hydrosol, an anti-inflammatory, great for stiff muscles, aches and pains. Refreshing in hot weather 2 oz. $8.95 -Add to cart-
Petitgrain - aids eating disorders and addictions.  Soothing for irritated skin. 2 oz. $8.95 -Add to cart-
Roman Chamomile - great for sensitive skin. Soothing, eases stress and depression. Good for babies diaper rash and calming in bath. 2 oz. $8.95 -Add to cart-
Rose - Hormone balancing. Good for sensitive, irritated, and mature skin. Helps to prevent wrinkles. 2 oz. $8.95 -Add to cart-
Rose Geranium - excellent for all types of skin, a natural humectant.  Anti-inflammatory: aids sunburn, rashes, and insect bites.  Great for menopause and pms. 2 oz. $8.95 -Add to cart-
Rosemary - a stimulating pick me up with antioxidant properties. A tonic for the liver and the scalp. 2 oz. $8.95
Sale $7.95
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Sandalwood - benefits most skin conditions, great as an aftershave 2 oz. $8.95 -Add to cart-
Spearmint - uplifting to your spirit.  Calming to your mind. 2 oz. $8.95 -Add to cart-
Tea Tree- antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral - can be used for most injuries 2 oz. $8.95 -Add to cart-
Thyme, white - antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal antiseptic. Great as a gargle for a sore throat.  Useful for acne and dermal infections. Aids the immune system. Excellent for your dogs skin conditions, but too strong for cats.  2 oz. $8.95 -Add to cart-
Yarrow - a balancing hydrosol.  Helps to heal damage from the sun and wind.  Also provides calm and is good for cleansing work spaces. 2 oz. $8.95 -Add to cart-


Organic Hydrosols
Like the hydrosols above, they are the byproduct of the distillation process. However these hydrosols are derived from organic plants.
These organic hydrosols are perfect to add to beverages for exciting new flavors and therapeutic benefits.
    Add to water hot, cold, or bubbly
    Add to tea or coffee, hot or cold
    Add to champagne or your favorite cocktail
These hydrosols like others can be added to spring or distilled water to make a spritzer for your environment, linens, or yourself.  Enjoy

Cinnamon leaf hydrosol - helps to relieve stress and aid digestion 10 ml. $4.95 -Add to cart-
Lavender hydrosol - promotes balance and calmness. 10 ml. $4.95 -Add to cart-
Lemongrass hydrosol - helps to relieve stress and aids digestion and circulation. 10 ml. $4.95 -Add to cart-
Rose hydrosol - is a tonic for the heart.  It aids emotional processing and decision. 10 ml. $4.95 -Add to cart-
Rosemary Verbenone hydrosol - helps respiratory congestion, aids digestion, and is a tonic for the liver. 10 ml. $4.95 -Add to cart-
Ylang Ylang hydrosol - helps to lower blood pressure and aids depression and stress. 10 ml. $4.95 -Add to cart-
Organic Hydrosol 3 Pack - Your choice of any three in a handy carrying case. (When you check out, specify which 3 you would like, in the comments section.)   $14.95 -Add to cart-

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