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Gift Center
Offering Gift Certificates, Gift Ideas and Gift Wrapping!

The Bath Pearl Collection

Salt spheres made by nature scented with some of our favorite blends.  Ginger Spice, Lavender, Mojito, & Tangerine Dream.  Each bottle is 2 oz.  and enough for two baths.

The Bath Pearl Collection


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Aphrodisiac Gift Set

Bath oil & massage oil together for a romantic experience. 

Choose from five scents.

Adonis gift set - sandalwood, black pepper, rosewood, & lemon essential oils. $15.50 -Add to cart-
Aphrodite gift set - mandarin, lavender, allspice, & jasmine essential oils. $15.50 -Add to cart-
Spicy Nectar gift set - tangerine, West Indian bay, & black pepper essential oils with benzoin resin. $15.50 -Add to cart-
Vanilla Velvet gift set - sandalwood, rosewood, cardamom, patchouli, & ylang ylang essential oils with hibiscus flower essence. $15.50 -Add to cart-
Venus gift set - vanilla, sandalwood, lime, & ylang ylang essential oils. $18.25 -Add to cart-



Lavender Baby Gift Set


The gentle floral aroma of French Lavender essential oil is used in our new Lavender Baby line.  The balancing effects will help to soothe and relax your baby.
The lotion is made with natural ingredients.  No alcohol or petroleum.
The aroma mist can be used lightly on linens or to freshen baby's environment.


Lavender Baby Gift Set $11.95 -Add to cart-


Diva Gift Set
Includes Maureen O'Crean's: The Daily Diva Word volume #1 and a Diva parfum roll on. Packaged in a pink organza bag.

Diva Gift Set


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Lotion/Aroma Mist Gift Set

Soothing & moisturizing lotions made with pure essential oils and no alcohol, with a matching Aroma Mist.

French Lavender Gift Set Special Price $18.95 -Add to cart-
Rose Gift Set Special Price $18.95 -Add to cart-


Gift Certificates
Want to give someone a gift of aromatherapy, but not sure what they would like?
How about a Victoria's Essentials
® Gift Certificate? Available for $25.00 or $50.00


$25.00 Victoria's Essentials® Gift Certificate

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$50.00 Victoria's Essentials® Gift Certificate

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Gift Wrapping
Want us to wrap your gifts for you?
We'll do it for just a nominal charge! We'll also enclose a gift card with your personalized message.

limit 5 items per order

Gift Wrapping


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