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Sweet Orange from Belize

Click to read all about Sweet Orange
On Sale: $3.95

Sinus/Allergy Aromatic Salts

An easy way to clear your head

Cold & Flu Bath Salts

a good soak will make you feel better

Aromatherapy Jewelry from
Diffusing Mamma's

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What's New & Specials


Hand Sanitizer

alcohol free, all natural


Culinary Delight Aroma Mist


Neti Pot Salts

With Tea Tree or Eucalyptus essential oils
for perfect nasal irrigation

Orange Spice

Warm and comforting.

Mojito Massage & Body Oil

 Refresh with Key lime & peppermint

Pure & Simple Cleanser

A simple & natural cleanser

Thai Breeze Aroma Mist

Enjoy the exotic scent of lemon grass & more...

Thai Breeze Massage Oil

Close your eyes, relax, & let the scent take you away..

Blood Orange Aroma Mist

Bloody brilliant!!

Achy Breaky Pain Relief


Dashboard Diffuser

Your vehicle smells better, while you feel better.

Mirror Mirror

So clean you can almost see through the looking glass!

Positive Anger Release

Help to transform anger.